About us


For those of you who haven’t heard about lasertag, you might be wondering what it is and how Tag-Commander might help you.

Lasertag is a game with two or more teams of players using Markers to tag the opposing team. These Markers fire beams of harmless infra-red signals, at no point is any physical contact made so players may tag their opponents happy in the knowledge they are not hurting anyone. 

There are many game variations and Tag Commander can be played as seriously or casually as you like. The military use Markers to help train their soldiers deal with the stress and challenge of an enemy infested battlefield, or we can alter the game parameters to offer a real world simulation of a first person shooter as played on your game console or computer. My name is Patrick Barry – aka Patch, and I along with my family operate Tag Commander.

Tag Commander came about for three reasons; Having hit my forties I recognised my lifestyle wasn’t as physical as it once was and that my body could do with a little more exercise; I wanted to do something that would enable me to spend more time with my family; and finally I have always liked lasertag!!

The ethos of Tag Commander is to bring friends and family closer together,  to enable a lifestyle choice that for a few hours escapes the Tv and computer screen to enjoy a slice of heart-pumping adventure in the real world.  Hosting a birthday party? Stag or Hen-do? Corporate Team Building?  Want to create your own clan? Whatever your reason for bringing your friends, family or colleagues together, we will help make your event an experience not to be forgotten. Try Tag Commander for Real World, Real Fun!!


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