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Experts say three hours of exercise a week provides a full on boost to mind and body, making you feel less anxious, more confident and physically more capable. Tag-Commander is your answer to exercising smartly, the fun way! Please check out our packages below, if you don’t find what you are looking for contact us and see if we can help!!

Syndicate Wars (£700 for 6 hours, includes food)

Running a business? Want to nurture your employees elan? Tag Commander’s Syndicate Wars is an excellent tool for running team building events. Our equipment is the latest generation in technology allowing us to capture all the critical game data, your post-game briefings will truly analyse player and team performances enabling you to see who has the skills and empathy to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Deposit £200


Contact us to  for more details and to discuss the objectives you’d like to promote during the day.  


VIP Patrol (£130 for 2.5 hours)

Looking to do something memorable for that special person? Then consider our VIP Patrol for birthdays, stag and hen events plus anything in between.

This session is two hours long and provides the use of ten 2S Raptor taggers.

Deposit £50


Little VIP Patrol (£100 for 1.5 hours of play,

For the younger VIP, 8 to 11 years old. Looking for something to do that can occupy thirty children? This could be the solution, we provide the venue and 30 Nerf Laser Taggers for one hour and a half of fun-filled action, need somewhere to eat? Easy, the site is yours so keep costs down and bring the food with you and after the game let the youngsters tuck in until their parents pick them up!!

Deposit £50


Clash of Spartans (Event days £30 per team per match. A match is composed of 3 to 5 games) 

This is for Teams only, got three to four friends? Then sign them up to your squad and take on other like minded players in our woodland league and Tag-Bowl. If your interested but not sure your friends will be then contact us by phone or email and we’ll help you get sorted. Sessions will usually be between 2 to 3 hours depending on number of teams.

Deposit £15 per team.

Spartan Duel (£50 per team. 2 teams face off for 2 hours of intense competitive play and practice)

Regarding Tag-Bowl check out the Leagues tab above, or our Facebook Group and Page for more details on rules!!


Tag-Aerobics (£10 per 3 hours, £40 for 4 weeks)

Looking to keep fit and have a spare evening each week, then try out Tag-Aerobics, three hours of exercise in one session for £10. After your first session, please note this package is available in blocks of four sessions prepaid only.  


Bespoke Packages

Got an idea for an event? Need some extra entertainment? Want to run a charity event? Contact us and see how we can help and we will because we take fun seriously!!


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