Safety Rules

Outdoor lasertag is a physical activity played over terrain that will vary from rough to rough and tangled.

Wear comfortable clothing and well-padded shoes that can protect the heels and arches of the feet.
Put on appropriate gear for the activity and the weather.

Take time to warm-up and cool down if you need to.

Take appropriate breaks during the activity.

Do not play with an empty stomach. Eat something light (such as toast with jam or skimmed milk) to give you some stamina. Do not exercise immediately after a full meal because this will affect digestion.

Replenish extra fluids before, during and after physical activity, especially for prolonged sessions.

Beware of the weather and environmental conditions. Avoid vigorous playing in hot or humid weather.

Listen to the body. Do not exercise when unwell. If there is dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea or vomiting, or muscle and joint pain during exercise, stop the activity and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

No player is allowed to climb.

No player is allowed to make physical contact or otherwise intimidate other players.

Because the game is called Lasertag it is easy for people to believe real lasers are used. Fortunately the ‘guns’ – which we call markers, laser taggers or just taggers – don’t fire projectiles of any sort. They fire harmless infrared signals, just like a television remote control. This means you can’t be hurt when you are tagged and your eyes in particular have no risk of harm.

All guests who play laser tag do so at their own risk and assume any and all risks of playing laser tag.

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